DIY-CDI Success Stories:

Home made, SC layout
Bought locally
The unit working fine til now after I changed the TR3 from BC337 to BC107.
With TR3 = BC377 the unit some time won't produce fire when I start my car.
I think it because the BC337 I got in my country is the false one.
CDI prototype (Aluminium case) in glove compartment click .
CDI opened click .
The black painted cover one is the last condition or my multisparkCDI click .
RP (VW Golf, model 1988): I 4cyl, 1.8l, 70kW, water cooled, OEM carburator, OEM distributor, OEM single coil (TCI)
Pickup: Hall sensor
It was easy to solder the parts.
At the beginning the CDI disn't work properly --> replaced TR3 (see above).
No difference between OEM ignition and DIY-CDI

Advanced prototype status

New layout, prossional equipment --> 2 layer PCB
Bought locally
Mario replaced the parts for oscillating circuit by a µC (ATMEGA8-16PU), also for enabling and disabling the multispark feature, he.used a common 50/60Hz 2x6V/230V transformator VC 16/2/6, a too 'sensitive' 12-->15V voltage converter SIM1-1215-SIL4, many other components, he minimized layout. The µC should provide ignition advance (maybe a map) later and also provide toothwheel detection/triggering.
Current prototype is triggered by square wave. +12V pull up resistor, switched by ground/rising flank like OEM ignition coils by traditional Kettering ignition (contact opens).
Jumper to switch beteen 300 and 375V, capacitor 9,1MOhm discharge rsistor.
Early stage click .
Early single layer release click .
Screenshot of Layout click .
In the CDI prototype factory click .
Nearly completed PCB (top, bottom) click .
Test on kitchen table click .
Capacitor discharge curve click .


Any 1, 2, 4 cylinder (also wasted spark --> 2 trigger inputs + 2 coil outputs). Tested with PSA (Peugeot/Citroen) TU engines, near future: Citroen Visa Club/2CV.
Pickup: Hall sensor or 5V square wave by ignition controller (OEM ECU).
I couldn't run the CDI in my TU3M(KDY) engine easily because OEM BOSCH Monojetrinic A2.2 ECU reqires one(!) ignition event as trigger. The CDI gives multispark at starting/cranking --> ECU ignores or rev limiter count in --> parallel dummy OEM ignition was required to trigger the EFI ECU only.
When I  tried the CDI in Visa Club engine (flat twin) I made a mistake and fried a component. Have had not the time and tools to find out. Should be done the next days...

Any error/mistake? Please report quickly at ami8ATgmx.net AT=@ .
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